Welcome to new look twoforone. Our starters guide is the perfect place to start exploring.

Get started with TwoforOne

Here are some steps you can take to guide your way through your TwoforOne journey!

Explore the quick search. The quick search function is located on the Home page, which will take you direct to the relevant product page. Use the drop down menu to select your product then click the Take me there button.

Explore the dashboard. Your dashboard is the first screen you will see upon logging in or Home located in the navigation menu. It will display handy information such as an overview of your certificates, latest specials, featured deals, reviews and more.

Check your account details. Your would of already entered your details when registering but we advise you to check your details to ensure your information is correct and up to date. Look for My Account located on the top right of the navigation, then click on account details. If you're on a mobile device, this will be located in the burger menu.

View your certificates. Navigate to the My Account menu or on a mobile device, then click on Certificates. Here you can find everything you need to know about your certificates including certificate number, certificate type, expiry date and status. You can also gift selected certificates and see any certificates which have been gifted to you.

Set your preferences. Navigate to the My Account menu or on a mobile device, then click on Preferences. On this page you can choose the way you want to see your travel deals, refining by holiday type, destination, budget and so much more. You can also add and remove as many travel preferences as you like!

Start searching. The world is yours to explore, just use the navigation menu to browse the products. Products have a search bar on each page to find the deal that you want. Selected products can be viewed by Featured Deals, Destinations and more.