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My241 $100 Flight Certificate & Hotel Terms & Conditions

1) This offer is valid for AU$100 off one (1) flight or one (1) hotel booked through My241 Rewards. The value of the flight or hotel must exceed AU$100.

2) The AU$100 can only be used in whole and in one single transaction. Any outstanding certificate amounts will not be refunded.

3) Confirmation of your flight or hotel is subject to availability.

4) Restrictions apply to airline, destination, travel dates and flight, hotel or itinerary selections.

5) Terms and Conditions or offers made with this certificate are subject to revision and may change without prior notice.

6) This offer may not be sold by the redeemer. This certificate has no resale value and cannot be redeemed for cash.

7) This certificate expires 12 months from date of issue and flights must be booked within this 12-month period.

8) Cancellation of a confirmed flight will be subject to the usual cancellation penalties and this certificate will be deemed as utilised.

9) My241 Rewards and its agents do not assume any liability or responsibility for damage, expense, inconvenience, loss, or for any cause whatsoever due to delays, cancellations due to nature, mechanical breakdown, strikes, or acts of God.

10) This offer is not valid for sponsors, distributors or their employees and associated family members.

11) This offer is void where prohibited by law.

12) This certificate may only be redeemed by the person stated on this certificate.

13) This certificate may not be utilised in conjunction with any other offer.

14) Minimum age restrictions apply to regions around the world and the user will be bound by any particular requirement.

All travel is facilitated through ‘Our Vacation Centre Pty Ltd’ ABN No: 54 105 542 176 ATAS Number: A11156